Monday, February 25, 2008

Beginners Guide to Ubuntu Recording

I am currently in the process of backing up and reinstalling Ubuntu Studio and thus don't have anything fantastic to write about this week.

I did however come across a cool article by rgrwkmn, called Recording in Ubuntu Linux (aka Free and Open Source Digital Audio Workstation)

It covers the basics of several Ubuntu Studio programs such as JACK, Patchage, Rosegarden and Ardour. I do encourage even those who consider themselves Ardour Veterans to check it out because it explains in detail what some of those damn buttons do. You know those buttons you always see but don't know what the hell they do.

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rgrwkmn said...

Hey Brian, thanks for linking to my guide, I frequently get visitors referred from your site! I want you to know about my new resource for Linux Audio fanatics like ourselves:
It's a list of Linux compatible audio hardware, mostly interfaces. I have it hooked up with zZounds so people can compare products easily. There's also a comment system so visitors can leave Linux-centric reviews of products.

Unfortunately, zZounds doesn't ship outside the US. Let me know if there's a website you use to purchase audio hardware.

Keep up the good work Brian!

Brian said...

Thanks man. Here is a clickable link for Rgrwkmn's comment:


Anonymous said...

good info