Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Best Programs in Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio rocks - it's a fact, you're just going to have to come to terms with that. Here's a list of my favourite open source recording programs which come with the Ubuntu Studio package:

  • Jack is a fantastic interface which sits between ALSA (essentially your soundcard) and most other audio applications. This allows you to connect all your audio programs together in which ever way blows your hair back.
  • Ardour is an excellent professional multi-track recording program which just kicks arse (Ardour is similar to Pro Tools). There are others, Audicity and Jokosher, but they fall far short of Ardour.
  • Hydrogen is a great program which allows you to make drum tracks using MIDI inputs or just your creativity. There are also many different drum and percussion sounds available which are easily loaded into the program. These drumkits can also be created and edited all within the program. With a bit of patience and the right drumkit, your drum track can really sound mean.
  • JAMin is a killer mastering program which can be used as an insert effect on your master track in Ardour. This mastering program can really take your songs from being mediocre, home recording losers to buffed-up, professional sounding hits.
  • ZynAddFX or Virtual Keyboard can be used to record MIDI sounds if you, like me, don't own a real keyboard.
Those are not all the programs that come with Ubuntu Studio but they are without a doubt the best ones. Another advantage of Ubuntu Studio is that it comes with many effects already installed.

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