Friday, July 25, 2008

Please Rate my Blog

Hey guys,

I havely recently added a poll to my site which allows you to rate my blog (see the right sidebar). Please leave your vote by selecting one answer and clicking Vote. This feedback will help me to see how good my stuff is and whether it needs improving.

Also feel free to add suggestions and constructive criticism as comments to this post to help me improve this site.

Thanks for your support,


JeanHub said...


I'm very interested in the content, and I think your writing is not bad at all, although as a Frenchman I may not be qualified for such a comment.

It's only that the choice of Linux is a bit limitating for me, poor Window-user. I may change, anyway, and try Linux one day thanks to this blog.

Some more help about new versions of Hydrogen? I'm at a loss about how to create new drumkits easily under windows...


Bradley Marks said...

Hi There

I have been experimenting with Ubuntu a bit, but not to the extent that you have. Is it possible to record live music with Ubuntustudio? I am a drummer and looking for software that will be able to record live music with, but not cost an arm and a leg.


Nick said...

I've just switched my home studio to linux (ubuntu studio) and your blog helps me a lot to understand different concpets. THANX !!!

I'm a guitarist with no drum knowledge, i can say that your posts on hydrogen helped me alot (great songs btw).

In response to bradley marks:
I'm not an expert (yet) but i managed to record 2 guits and a vocal live with Ardour+Hydrogen and it sounds great, you'll have no trouble for your drum.

Brian the Lion said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, it is really useful.

To JeanHub: The problem with Windows is that only the older version of Hydrogen works on it. This means you have to create drumkits by editting the XML code personally, and certain songs,drumkits, etc. don't work on it either - this is a real pain in the ass. There are a few instructions on how to create kits on the Hydrogen Forum.

I really recommend that you try Ubuntu Studio, it is easy to use and in this case, more point-and-click than Windows. Check this out for more info: Best Programs in Ubuntu Studio

To Bradley Marks: Ubuntu Studio most definitely has the capability, to add real-time effects as well as record multiple inputs at once. Ardour is the program to use. However, software will not be your bottle-neck, you will need decent hardware like a multiple input soundcard or firewire mixer. You can record a plain stereo track using just a microphone input but obviously, this might not have the best results. It's definitely worth a try before you spend the cash. Check out this post about Firewire Audio Devices.

To Nick: Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad the Hydrogen stuff is helping. Please let me know if the beat templates are useful, and what you feel I could do to improve them.

Thanks again guys,

Is said...

Your blog is good. I'm in the midst of researching how switching to Ubuntu from Windows will affect my day to day life.

I'm a long term user of Cool Edit Pro recording software and it was something that I didn't really want to do without. But after reading a bunch of your posts I'm not so worried about how I'll record in Ubuntu.

Keep on truckin'.

Brian the Lion said...

Hey ls,

Thanks for your support. I was also one of those guys using really expensive Windows software and just couldn't get myself to change, but my opinion is that if you are a amateur home-recorder, why should you pay so much for something you'll never fully utilise.

The biggest thing about Linux software is the lack of formal documentation. I was too lazy to help code the software so instead I thought I'd make a hub of useful hints and tips. So far things are going well and I'm getting tonnes of support. So as you say - I'll keep on truckin'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian. great blog. as a newbie trying to set up a home recording system, your blog help me a lot. one requests: in your November 29, 2007 (first post) the link to 'Hints and Tips for using JACK' send you to register as a blog user. is that something intended or a problem with the URL ? so are the other 'Hints and Tips for using..." links in that post.

keep up the good work.
Ronen, CA

Brian the Lion said...

Hey Ronen,

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it, it is probably an incorrect URL.


KoenV said...


I've recently started experimenting with Ardour for my own guitar compositions, with MIDI backing tracks in Rosegarden, except for percussion, for which I will be using Hydrogen.

When googling for extra Hydrogen drum kits, I came across your blog. This is one excellent source of information for every recording fanatic! I will definitely consult your blog frequently once I actually start recording. Especially everything concerning mastering is very interesting stuff.

That's what I like so much about blogging: sharing experiences. And that's exactly what I found in your blog. Keep up the good work!
I've added your blog to the links on my blog.

Brian the Lion said...

Hey Koen,

Thanks for the feedback. Please drop me a line if you ever have any specific questions.


Anonymous said...

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