Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Drum Lessons

There is a fantastic website called http://freedrumlessons.com/. There are many instructional videos accompanied with pdf music sheets which guide one through several genres like rock, jazz, latin, and double bass drumming. Below is an example of one of the double bass lessons. If nothing else, these pdf sheets can give you some great ideas for use in Hydrogen.


Topher said...

Cool! Will definitely have a look at the site. Nicki and I just got ourselves a cheap Maxtone kit to bang on at home, so checking out some online lessons sounds like a plan. Free ones especially, hehe.

Loving the blog man, keep it up. Also getting into recording with Hydrogen and Ardour and such lately. I'll send you a track if you're keen to hear?

Brian said...

Cool dude, I'm keen to hear a track. I'm going to put one of mine up one of these days.